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February 2024

Discover Fun Things To Do in Arlington, VA: The Best Kept Secrets!

Dive into the vibrant heart of Arlington, VA with our comprehensive guide, highlighting the best activities and attractions. 
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If you're considering Arlington, Virginia, you might wonder if it truly lives up to the hype. If you're looking for more than just a change of scenery and seeking a place brimming with life and activities. Fun things to do in Arlington, VA is not just a query; it's a quest to find a vibrant community that resonates with your lifestyle and interests.

At Reputation Movers, we recognize that moving is about more than changing locations. It's about finding a place where you can thrive in a rich, culturally diverse environment. Our expertise in facilitating smooth relocations to Arlington, VA, positions us to guide you in uncovering the city's dynamic nature, answering the promise of fun things to do in Arlington, VA.

This guide invites you to delve into the essence of Arlington. From its historical depth to its family-friendly attractions and engaging nightlife, Arlington offers an array of experiences. Join us as we explore the unique aspects that make Arlington a captivating destination for residents and visitors alike.

Is Arlington, Va Right For You?

Deciding on a new community for your family is a journey filled with considerations of both practicality and pleasure. When it comes to Arlington, VA, you might wonder if the area offers the vibrant lifestyle and activities you're seeking. Exploring fun things to do in Arlington, VA will lead to the discovery of a dynamic culture fit for family life.

Arlington, VA, is a city where history and modernity blend seamlessly, offering residents and visitors alike a rich tapestry of experiences. From its significant contribution to American history, highlighted by Virginia's unique distinction as the birthplace of eight U.S. presidents, to its bustling urban centers, Arlington is a city that never falls short on activities and cultural experiences​​.

The Arlington Experience is A Blend of Fun and Community

Arlington, VA, is not just a place; it's an experience. Imagine a life where weekends are filled with visits to iconic landmarks, family picnics in lush parks, and evenings exploring diverse dining options. It's a community where history meets modern living—a balance that's rare and enriching.

Here are some key points to consider, each enhanced with specific examples to provide a clearer picture of what Arlington has to offer:

  • Educational Opportunities: Arlington is home to top-rated schools like Williamsburg Middle School, Yorktown High School, and Nottingham Elementary School. These institutions are known for their high math and reading proficiency scores and provide a stimulating environment for academic growth​​.
  • Community Spirit: The neighborhoods in Arlington are characterized by their strong, supportive communities. This welcoming environment fosters a sense of belonging and is ideal for families looking to establish roots in a friendly and engaged community.
  • Recreational Activities: Arlington boasts 157 parks and nature centers, offering a wide range of activities. You can find everything from sports facilities to hiking trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Specific parks like the sprawling 100-acre Glencarlyn Park and the scenic Bon Air Park with its beautiful rose garden are popular spots for both relaxation and recreational activities​​.
Scenic Views in Arlington, VA
The Scenic Views Arlington, VA Provides It's Residents Makes It Standout
  • Cultural Diversity: The city's cultural scene is vibrant and varied. The Arlington Festival of the Arts in Clarendon and the Pentagon City’s fall Makers Market are just two examples where the arts are celebrated, showcasing local talent in various mediums​​.
  • Musical Events: Music lovers can enjoy a range of genres at events like the Columbia Pike Blues Festival and the Rosslyn Jazz Fest. The Netherlands Carillon Concert Series in Rosslyn, featuring patriotic tunes, jazz, and pop, is another highlight for those who appreciate live music​​.
  • Food Festivals: The culinary scene in Arlington is dynamic and diverse, with events like the Quarter Fest Crawl in Ballston. This festival is a celebration of food, beer, and wine, showcasing the rich culinary diversity of Arlington​​.

Fun Facts About Arlington, VA

Arlington, Virginia, is a place of unique charms and surprising facts that add to its appeal as a great place to live and visit. From its distinctive geographic status to its commitment to the environment, Arlington stands out as a progressive and fascinating community. Here are some detailed fun facts about Arlington that showcase its unique character:

Fun Facts About Arlington, VA
Facts About Arlington, VA That Make It A Special Place for It's Residents

Smallest Self-Governing County: Arlington holds the distinction of being the smallest self-governing county in the United States. This unique aspect contributes to its strong community feel and efficient governance.

Diverse Neighborhoods: Despite its small size, Arlington boasts a rich tapestry of neighborhoods. Each area offers its own unique vibe and style, from bustling urban streets to quiet, leafy suburbs.

Efficient Land Use: Arlington's innovative land use and planning have been praised for maximizing its limited space. This smart use of space ensures a balance between urban development and green areas.

Commitment to Sustainability: Arlington's focus on sustainability is evident in its numerous environmental initiatives and green spaces.

Environmental Recognition: The county has earned several awards for its efforts in smart growth and environmental sustainability. These accolades reflect its commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable community.

Green Initiatives: From extensive recycling programs to green building requirements, Arlington's policies are geared towards reducing its environmental footprint and promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for its residents.

Walkability & Safety in Arlington, VA

Arlington, Virginia, is not just known for its rich history and cultural diversity; it is also celebrated for its exceptional walkability and safety. These aspects significantly enhance the quality of life for its residents and visitors, making it a model community in terms of pedestrian-friendliness and security. Here's a detailed look at the walkability and safety features that make Arlington stand out:

Platinum Walk Friendly Community: Arlington's Platinum walking status underscores its exceptional pedestrian infrastructure. This includes well-designed sidewalks, crosswalks, and other pedestrian-focused amenities.

Pedestrian-Focused Design: The city’s layout and planning prioritize pedestrian accessibility, making walking around Arlington not just possible, but a pleasure. This design encourages a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Enjoyable and Safe Walks: The combination of well-maintained streets and paths with lush greenery makes walking in Arlington both enjoyable and safe, suitable for families, fitness enthusiasts, and casual strollers alike.

Low Crime Rates: With an impressive safety score of A, it ranks better than 91% of cities across the United States. This distinction positions Arlington as one of the safest communities in the country, making it an ideal and secure environment for both residents and visitors.

Crime Rate In Arlington, VA
Arlington, VA Is One of The Safest Places To Live in the U.S. With One of the Lowes Crime Rates

Proactive Safety Measures: The community's focus on safety is evident in its proactive measures, including regular patrolling and community safety programs, which contribute to the overall sense of security in Arlington.

Strong Community Bond: The sense of community in Arlington plays a crucial role in its safety. Residents look out for one another, creating a secure and friendly environment that extends beyond mere infrastructure.

Downtown Arlington VA: Activities and Tours

Downtown Arlington, VA, is a hub of activity, offering a variety of tours and experiences that cater to diverse interests. From historical explorations to convenient sightseeing, these activities provide unique ways to experience the heart of Arlington and its surroundings. Here’s a closer look at the engaging activities and tours available in Downtown Arlington:

Guided Walking Tours: Participate in guided walking tours at the Arlington National Cemetery. These tours, led by knowledgeable local guides, provide insightful perspectives on the history and significance of this hallowed ground.

Personalized Experiences: These walking tours offer a personalized experience, allowing visitors to connect more deeply with the stories and history of Arlington's most famous landmark.

Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tours: The Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley service is an excellent way to explore both Arlington and nearby Washington DC. It offers flexibility and convenience for visitors wanting to see the sights at their own pace.

Comprehensive Sightseeing: These trolley tours cover a range of attractions, providing informative commentary along the way. They are ideal for first-time visitors or those looking to gain an overview of the area.

Easy Access to Landmarks: The trolley stops at various key locations, making it easy for visitors to access major landmarks and points of interest both in Arlington and in the nation’s capital.

Family-Friendly and Convenient: The trolley service is not only convenient but also family-friendly, making it a popular choice for those traveling with children or in groups.

Top 5 Landmarks to Visit in Arlington for Fun and Fascination

Arlington, Virginia’s landmarks are not just tourist spots, but vibrant centers of community life. Landmarks in Arlington offer a unique and engaging experience, providing fun, education, and the opportunity to create lasting memories for families and individuals alike. These top attractions offer a mix of fun, learning, and poignant reflection, making them must-visit destinations in Arlington.

Top 5 Landmarks in Arlington, VA
Landmarks That Make Arlington, VA A Unique Place
  • United States Marine Corps War Memorial: Not just a solemn reminder of military history, this memorial, depicting the Iwo Jima flag-raising, is a captivating sight. It's perfect for those interested in history and photography, offering an immersive experience in the valor and stories of our nation's heroes.
  • Air Force Memorial: The Air Force Memorial, with its stunning design of soaring spires, is a must-see. Its unique architecture and panoramic views of the area make it a fantastic spot for families to explore and learn about the Air Force's significant role.
  • Fashion Center at Pentagon City: This is not your average shopping center. It's an adventure in retail and social experiences. With a wide array of shops and restaurants, it's a fun outing for the whole family, combining shopping with entertainment.
  • Arlington Art Center: Dive into the world of contemporary art at the Arlington Art Center. This landmark is a creative playground for families, offering interactive art exhibitions and classes that are both fun and educational.
  • Arlington National Cemetery: A visit here is a profound experience, combining history, honor, and serenity. The changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a moving ceremony, and the peaceful grounds offer a space for contemplation and historical exploration.

Explore the Eclectic Nightlife in Arlington, VA

Arlington, VA, boasts a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. From cozy pubs to lively entertainment venues, the city offers an array of options for an exciting evening out. Here’s a detailed look at what makes Arlington’s nightlife so appealing:

Samuel Beckett's Irish Gastro Pub: This popular spot is known for its lively atmosphere and authentic Irish cuisine. It's a great place for those looking to enjoy a cozy, yet vibrant evening with friends.

O'Sullivan's Irish Pub: Famous for its traditional Irish ambiance and live music, O'Sullivan's offers a fun and engaging night out. It’s a local favorite for both its drinks and its lively spirit.

Diverse Entertainment Options: Arlington's nightlife includes a variety of venues, from comedy clubs that will have you laughing all night to sports pubs perfect for catching a game with fellow fans.

Live Music Venues: Arlington, VA, is a hotspot for live music enthusiasts, offering a range of venues that feature eclectic line-ups and intimate settings, perfect for experiencing the best of local and upcoming artists in a vibrant atmosphere.

Cultural Experiences: The nightlife in Arlington also encompasses cultural experiences, such as theater performances and art events, catering to a more refined taste.

Something for Everyone: Whether you’re looking for a quiet evening at a sophisticated bar or a night of dancing and music, Arlington's nightlife scene has something to offer for every kind of night owl.

Choosing Reputation Movers for Your Arlington, VA Move

As you embrace the vibrant culture and history of Arlington, VA, the transition to this dynamic community should be as seamless and stress-free as possible. That's where Reputation Movers steps in, ensuring your move to Arlington is handled with professionalism and care. Here's why choosing Reputation Movers for your Arlington relocation is a smart move:

Reputation Movers Moving Services
Key Features of Reputation Movers' Arlington Services That Make it A Top-Notch Moving Company

Expertise in Local Moves: With over 30 years of experience, Reputation Movers specializes in local relocations, making them an ideal choice for your move to Arlington.

Comprehensive Services: From packing to storage, they offer a full range of services to meet all your moving needs. This means less hassle for you and more time to explore Arlington's attractions.

Personalized Attention: Reputation Movers understands that every move is unique. They offer personalized services tailored to fit your specific moving requirements, ensuring a smooth transition into your new Arlington home.

Trusted and Reliable: Known for their reliability and exceptional service, Reputation Movers comes highly recommended by locals. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in every move they handle.

Stress-Free Experience: With their professional team handling the logistics of your move, you can relax and look forward to enjoying all that Arlington has to offer, from historical landmarks to lively nightlife.

Community Knowledge: As local experts, Reputation Movers has in-depth knowledge of Arlington and the surrounding areas. This local expertise ensures your belongings are handled safely and efficiently, making your move a pleasant experience.


Q1: What are some fun things to do in Arlington, VA for families?

A: Arlington offers numerous family-friendly attractions, from exploring the interactive museums to enjoying outdoor activities along the Mount Vernon Trail.

Q2: How can visitors best experience things to do in upper Arlington?

A: Upper Arlington is best experienced by visiting its array of restaurants, parks, and local events that showcase its unique charm and community spirit.

Q3: Are there any seasonal events in Arlington, VA?

A: Yes, Arlington hosts a variety of seasonal events, including outdoor concerts, festivals, and holiday celebrations, offering something special throughout the year

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